angela de la cruz

FYF DANCE: Spicy Pink Martini

Shyyy are you?? Not anymore! Angela is gonna make you feel right at home. Honestly, probably even more comfortable than that as she helps you find your most HAPPY place & release your inner alter ego! Come out come out wherever you are….

Angela De La Cruz is a spicy, Peruvian, preacher of the FIERCE and is also known as Picasso of the face. What Picasso was to painting, Angela is to makeup! That’s right ya’ll - she’s a ridiculous makeup artist who knows how to recreate ANY look - just try her. This girl NEVER says no to a challenge! Check that skill @brushesinluxe - BOOM!

Beyond her amazingness as a dancer and makeup extraordinaire Angela is a kick BOOTY choreographer with a heart of PINK! Bet you thought we were gonna say gold- nah nah! Seriously, everything this girl wants, wears and fans over is PINK. Which is super fitting considering her always bubbly, straight up powerpuff positive personality.

In her classes you’re gonna get a whole lot of screams of encouragement, laughter and YEASSSSSSS!!!!!

She launched her choreo career with FYF in 2017 and she has been unstoppable ever since!

Watch out this gal is FUEGO FIERCE!