FYF Fitness: the Italian goddess

Chiara - pronounced Kyada- like the exquisite Italian goddess that she is. This superstar with better hair than that Becky chick in Beyonce’s song has been OBSESSED with all things dance and fitness since she age 8 - #DivaInTraining. But don’t box her in, nuh uh, she does all the movement styles from contemp to pilates to hip hop to barre and beyond- Talk about fusion! She mixes all these into her classes to create a unique style of her own that she shares only with the FIERCEST in the Queendom. That’s YOU boo.

Bonus, if you’re a football fan, keep an eye out for her spicy energy and beautiful amazon-like struts on the field bc she’s an Argos cheerleader!! This girl’s got a lot of energy to spread so come experience her fire cuz she gon make you SWEAT."

IG: @chilucchetta