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- What do I wear?
>> Leggings and a Tank or Sports bra are the most popular outfits + Running Shoes :)
>> Anything comfortable moving and sweating in!

- Where are you located?
>> In person classes happen weekly at 819 Yonge St.

>> We also have online classes @ FindYourFierce.tv

- Do you have any other classes?
>>YES! We offer both Dance Fitness as well as Dance Choreography Classes. Our dance classes are heels optional (never any pressure to wear them!) But they are always fun, feisty, GRL PWR style routines

- Cancellation Policy

>> You can cancel class up to 6 hours in advance otherwise you will be charged our late cancellation fee. ClassPass users must abide by their rules for late cancellations

- First Class

>> First class is $5+hst!

>> Arrive 5-10min early to get yourself signed in and acquainted with our space