Jen Fong

FYF Fitness: Broadway junkie

She may be from ice-cold Saskatchewan, but Jen brings major heat to the dance floor!

Your typical Broadway dreamer, Jen fell in love with dance as a shy kindergartener and hasn’t looked back since. Now attending a musical theatre college, this triple threat has triple the ways to get you smiling and sweating in class!

A lover of all kinds of art, Jen has a huge visual arts background, and when she’s not dancing, she’s probably fan girling at the AGO. She lives for creating beautiful things for beautiful people, and what better way to do that than getting YOU feeling like the strongest, most confident, and most FIERCE version of yourself? So let her kick the energy into high gear and paint a smile on your face. Forget intimidating work outs, the world’s a stage and this is your music video! 

IG: @jenfong_