monica gold

FYF Dance & Fitness: The Lioness

WHIP it Grrrrrrl!!!

Mama MG don’t play! Her big voice and energy and hair are a hit of caffeine straight to gut. This 5”2 AND A HALF (don’t forget the half!) Rapunzel is best known for her magical mane the flies around as she struts the room hyping you up. Always thinking she’d end up in fashion as a super stylish buyer, this chick found a whole new side to dance & fitness in her Wilfrid Laurier Years where she ended up CREATING the very first Heels Class there - one of their most popular classes TO THIS DAY. So she said, peace to the fashion gig and gave a HELL YES to a dream - Ahhhh!

Talk about facing your fears and finding your FIERCE! Cough Cough she’s also the founder of FYF - Cough Cough Mmmhmm.

Nowadays you’ll find her figuring out the best ways for you to booty pop to the hottest new tracks and make your FYF experience the greatest werk-out EVER. (Buh Bye Treadmill!)

Every class is a concert to her so you BETTa make like Yonce, and put your FIERCE face on cuz you about to get drunk in love!

Dance is her deepest love and she aims to share that intense passion with each of you through both her choreo and fitness classes- heels or flats, take your pick and lets WERK..

IG: @MonicaGold1