Did you ever have a teacher in school you totally LOVED? Like she was the coolest person EVER? Ok so- Vicky. She’s THAT.

This exotic  Montreal born, French school teacher starts her day by inspiring a whole bunch of kidies and then comes out to show a room full of grown women that she’s not just an academic…. This girl can DANCEEEE!

Her personality is like Celine Dion when she holds a high note - EPIC. Brains and beauty, this firecracker never refuses a glass of wine on a summer night or the opportunity to watch the Lion King. Girl’s got GOOD taste in Disney movies... Which is also probably why she’s head of the Glee club at her school (yes- it’s a real thing!!)  Having performed in too many shows to count as a dancer, she’s also directed, produced, and been stage manager for 6 shows at school. Needless to say she's got enough experience under her belt to teach more than just French and she’s about to show you exactly what that means. Voila!